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Concrete-Water-Flesh is a project which places bodily experiences as central to our understanding and being-of-space. The project combines the research interests of Adesola and Helen in the development of new site-based choreographic work post- COVID-19. Stimulated by spaces of the city and the shore, the project looks at how we experience stillness and silence of bodies-in-Place.


Making performance work for young audiences

This strand of the Movement Lab’s work develops and presents dance works for young children and their families. This work draws on the visual arts and the interactive nature of installation along with dance performance, in order to explore ways to introduce young people to a multi-dimensional relationship with the arts, crossing art form boundaries.


Our philosophy

DancingStrong Movement Lab is an umbrella organization using dance knowledges to explore, create and comment. Our work values ‘proto-feminist, anti-racist and queer affirming’ (Thomas F DeFrantz) creative processes.

We believe dance/the arts are not a luxury but a right for everyone; the right to be physically literate, have a positive relationship with one’s body and body image, and to feel comfortable expressing and sharing our stories and experiences through the non-verbal medium of movement.

It is integral to an artist’s work and growth to develop a strong link with the community. DancingStrong Movement Lab creates work that is interactive, collaborative and engages with public pedagogy. To this end we play with traditional and non-tradition dance forms to create exciting performance pieces and programs, with a particular interest in site-specific choreography, installation-based work and audience interaction using new technology, arts in education and narrative research based enquiry.

…The occurrence of ‘me’ is succeeded by the happen of ‘us’…” Adesola Akinleye, reflections on Helen Kindred’s work ‘…Whisper.’ 2019


Joint Publications

Akinleye, A & Kindred H (2020) Guest Editors to a section of Animated Magazine (People Dancing) - Summer 2020
Queering the somatic

Akinleye, A. and Kindred, H. (2019) Guest Editors Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, Volume 11, Number 1, Intellect,;jsessionid=wi418chwgb60.x-ic-live-03

Akinleye, A. & Kindred, H. (2018). In-the-Between-ness: Decolonising and re-inhabiting our dancing, in Narratives in Black British dance: embodied practices pp. 65-78. London: Palgrave MacMillian


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