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Dancing Strong has a fundamental belief that the arts have a crucial place in education. Not just the skills and understanding of craft through which students can learn develop a lasting relationship with their own creativity but the principles of the arts are principles of value across learning.

Adesola has worked with a number of arts-in-education initiatives in USA (Bronx Arts Incisive), Canada (Learning Through the Arts, ArtsSmarts, Manitoba Artists-in-Schools program) and UK (Creative Partnerships). Her role has varied from artist in school to consultant to curriculum planning both for individual schools and for local authorities. She has also lectured in the Theatre Department, State University of New York and Physical Education and Recreation Department, University of Manitoba.

“My particular interest is two fold: looking at how the theory of arts practice can be successfully delivered on a day-to-day basis baring in mind the many provisions and needs a school must address. Secondly, acknowledging the creative process within all curriculum subjects, validating the creative work that teachers do both in core subjects and foundation subjects.” Adesola

Adesola has been working in arts-in-education for over 15 years. Dancing Strong provides tailor made projects to schools allowing time for consultation with each school before delivery. Recent past projects include:

Dance Workshops & performance for Foundation Years, Kindergarten, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Elementary school

Light steps -

ila project -

‘Dance Detectives’ - A project that links maths and dance (Key Stages 1,2, or 3).

‘Stomp, Rhythm and Roll’ – a project looking at found/ recycled materials and body percussion (Key Stages 1 or 2).

‘Space to Move in’ – an installation-based project exploring light and movement (this was a project in a special needs school that involved the whole school).

‘Trace schools project’ – creating site-specific dances in and around schools basic on local history and pupils’ narrative (Dance –in Herts Project in Rural Schools. Key stages 2 and 3).

We also offer INSET and professional development. Adesola is a Specialist Link Teacher working the SSCo programme for Enfield LEA. She has also worked as a Creative Agent with Creative Partnerships.

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